5 Facts You May Not Know About Downtown Beaufort


Beaufort, the gem of Lowcountry South Carolina, and its downtown district takes in up to 100,000 visitors a year. Some flock to Beaufort for its historic charm and parks, while others come for it’s fresh seafood and shopping district. No wonder it is named, “The Heart of the Lowcountry”. Visit downtown Beaufort once, and you’ll understand why!

This thriving city offers various different shops and cultural experiences. Regardless of what you may think you know, there are many things still to learn about this beautiful city. Here are 5 facts you may not know about downtown Beaufort, South Carolina.


1) historic Small Town Atmosphere 

Take a stroll down historic Bay Street, or any street for that matter, and you will notice the antebellum architecture and small town atmosphere that surrounds downtown Beaufort. The architecture goes back to 1711 when Beaufort was founded, and is still being maintained today. 

Just outside of the shopping district, you'll see historic homes flourishing in their original charming look.

Historic Beaufort.jpg
Despite being the second oldest city in South Carolina, there are more antebellum homes here than Charleston and Savannah combined! 

2) famous film landmarks

Beaufort is a must-see place for lovers of Southern history, but did you know it is also a must-see place for movie fans? It is known for being the film location for many blockbuster films, such as Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, The Prince of Tides and more! These movies took place on Beaufort’s streets, parks, and bridges and more to help create some of most classic scenes in movie history. More are sure to be on the way - and if you visit at the right time, you might just end up being an extra in the next great film shot in Beaufort!


3) mixed cultural influences

Since 1514, seven flags have flown over Beaufort, South Carolina: Spain, France, Scotland, England, the Confederate States of America, the South Carolina flag and the U.S. flag. Pronounced “Byoo-fort”, the heart of lowcountry sounds as if it’s name has French descent. Beaufort was actually settled by the British in 1711 and named after the English Duke of Beaufort, Henry Somerset.

Beaufort Stree View.jpg

4) one of a kind stores

Tour the unique shops of Beaufort and support local downtown artists and owners for original, ready-to-hang artwork, home accents, or a touch of the Beaufort! Make sure you have room in your suitcase for a few keepsakes to commemorate your trip to the heart of the Lowcountry!


5) marshlands and nature

Beaufort, SC is home to about 25 percent of the marshlands on the entire coast of the United States! This means various different species of birds, sea animals and more are able to flourish and be protected. Take a nature walk or jog outside while exploring over 68 islands that compose Beaufort or view the 304 beautiful acres of Beaufort’s National Historic Landmark territory.

Beaufort Marsh.jpg
Coastal View.jpg

Visiting Beaufort

Located north of Savannah, GA and south of Charleston, SC, downtown Beaufort has all of what any visitor would want from a trip to the Lowcountry. It’s almost as fascinating to research what downtown Beaufort is all about and has always been, as it is to be there for yourself and experience it first hand! We hope to see you strolling through soon!

Mike Tucker