Tasty Tailgate Tips for this Football Season

Article By The Lollipop Shop, 103 W Street Ext, Beaufort, SC


Come September, Football is a way of life in the South; some may even say it’s a religion.  Whether it is Friday Night Lights, College Game Day or the NFL on Sunday, if you aren’t living and breathing the game, are you even in the South?  A football game will trump almost any other event you can think of - even fall weddings are planned around bye weeks.  And might we point out, some of the best football in the country has been played right here in South Carolina in recent years!   

Football Y’all! A way of life in the South.

By the time the weekend rolls around, you will know everyone’s allegiance by the colors they are wearing.  Rivalries run deep and friendships will be tested.  One thing we can all agree on is football season is a time to bring out the snacks.  Elaborate spreads can be found in the parking lots of our massive stadiums, our backyards, and at the shops and restaurants throughout every small town south of the Mason-Dixon Line. In the South, we tailgate like nobody’s business, and we do it all season long.


Football SNack Time

We know you know how to fire up the grill, we are positive your cups, plates, napkins, tablecloths, and centerpieces will represent your team colors; your Yeti Coolers will be full of your favorite beer on ice.  Flags & banners will be hung, and your fight song will be cued up to play on repeat.  This season, make your tailgate a little bit extra:


Sweet and Salty
Gourmet popcorn by Popcornopolis comes in a variety of delicious flavors and is the ultimate sweet and salty combo that everyone will enjoy. They even have one that they call Zebra, but during the football season, we lovingly refer to it as Tiger.


Fill some bowls with a custom mix of peanut M&M’s or Jelly Belly’s in your team colors!  This is a great way to add some color to your table, and remind everyone that as the host; we all celebrate your team today! When it comes to fandom, more is more!

salt-water-taffy (2).jpg

Southern Charm
This is the south, after all…and Salt Water Taffy is as southern as monograms, sweet tea, and wide front porches. Taffy can also be custom mixed to fit your team theme, so don’t overlook this opportunity to cheer your team on.


Kid Friendly
Brightly colored tubes of Pucker Powder.  Go ahead and use it to decorate, and then let the kiddos enjoy it, you will soon be their favorite!


We know, we are in SEC territory not the Big Ten….but geography shouldn’t deprive anyone of the perfect combo of peanut butter and chocolate, so go ahead, bring out the Buckeyes,  they won’t last long enough for anyone to get the wrong idea. Plus, we want all of our Ohio visitors to feel at home!


Lowcountry Balloon Boutique
An easy way for your friends to locate you if you are at the stadium is balloons, a bunch of helium filled, team colored balloons! Request that these be on extra-long strings to leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is where to find the party! Balloons can also be used for centerpieces (send your guests home with them) or even to show off your mascot! 


Kicking off the SeaSon Right

Being that football is an institution in these parts, it is only natural that in Beaufort, SC we want to kick off the season right! Join us for the First Friday-- Football in the South event on September 6th hosted by the Downtown Beaufort Merchants Association.  This will be a fun, festive event in Historic Downtown Beaufort! 

Wear your team colors and swing through the Lollipop Shop for Football Specials to load up on. Find all the treats you need for college football on Saturday! It’s game time y’all!

Mike Tucker